Grulla® C-95 Grulla® C-95 Grulla® C-95 Grulla® C-95 Grulla® C-95

Grulla® C-95

Our bolt action, a jewel of our gunsmiths.

  • Mauser K-98 type action.
  • Action available for left hunter also.
  • Round or Octagonal barrels made by superb quality Böhler Rasant steel with bases for scopes fitted and 4 bullets magazine.
  • H&H style of engraving.
  • Other special engravings available to customer design and selection.
  • Old silver finished action frame.
  • Exhibition grade, specially selected, walnut stock finished in a best quality. Hand chequered. Hand rubbed oil finish. Made under measurements.
  • Gold oval fitted on stock for initials.
  • Available calibers:  7 MM REMINGTON - 270 WIN MAG
  • 300 WIN MAG - 338 WIN MAG - 375 HH MAG - 416 RIGBY.
  • Not included: Scope.
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