The craftmanship of our exclusive guns

The craftmanship of our exclusive guns

The manufacturing of a fine shotgun or an express rifle is a purely handmade and personalized process that requires high dedication and skills.

At Grulla Armas all starts after receiving customer´s measurements and the specifications of each gun, given that our weapons are unique pieces. Sometimes, we hold a meeting with our clients to indicate us the details of the gun they want: type, model, design of engraving . . and we can take the measure of the stock.

The handmade process starts with the fitting of barrel and rest of metal parts like the receiver, the sidelocks and forend, giving them the shape manually until getting the perfect fit of all parts worked. After, the ejector and self-opening system are made.

The process continues with the ellaboration of the stock, which is being started from a high quality walnut blank from Turkey or countries around. The stock is carved and sanded, taking into consideration customers measurements. After it is made the chequering and the stock receives several oil bains by hand until
getting the correct finishing.

The engraving process is the most creative of all. Receivers, sidelocks and barrels are engraved by hand by the engravings chosen by our clients.

The last step is the final finishing, when our master gunsmiths mount all the pieces and verify that the adjustment, weight, mechanics and the functioning is the ideal one.
In the elaboration of a handmade shotgun, this is perhaps the most demanding and complicated work of all.


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