The gunsmiths

The gunsmiths

For centuries, the artisan gunsmith, has been the quintessence of the Eibar citizen. They were the creators of a profession that was invented, perfected and implemented from generation to generation.

Each craftsman belonged to a particular specialty: some worked the wood, others the steel, others the engravings, anothers fitted the parts. . .
The workers learned from their fathers or grandfathers following the same methodology and using the same tools, but they always knew something new that improved the technique and made them more expert.

In this way, we have reached to our days, and while these professions are being losing , we have great artisans who continue to refine every day.
In our workshop we have stock makers, fillers, engravers and gunsmiths who work to the detail each piece that composes a Grulla gun.
By the years, this team has managed to be recognized internationally to Grulla Armas as a luxury gun maker because the quality and exclusivity of its guns.

Our history Our history

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The workshop The workshop

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